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•What is cold cast bronze?

Cold Casting is when a material (in most cases bronze) has been turned into a powder. This powder is then mixed with a resin liquid and painted into the mould of a sculpture. If the sculpture is large then fibreglass matting is added to the back of the bronze layer to strengten it. When the resin has hardened the cast is de-moulded and a wire brush is used to shine up the bronze powder that is suspended in the resin. Once the all the bronze is polished up an acid is used to apply the patina and finish the sculpture in the same way a foundry cast is finished.

Testimonials From Past customers
Sculpture of Twiggy
Sculpture of Twiggy

Pet Portrait Commissions

A portrait of a pet is a lovely way to honour and remember them. Each sculpture is taylor-made to the customers requirements and it's best to get in contact for more specific information.

The starting point is to get in Contact to discuss the sculpture, who it's of, their character and what type of pose etc. Then I will need lots of photos of the subject. If the subject lives near enough we can arrange a visit and I can photograph them myself. If not I will give details of the type of photos I need to sculpt the portrait.

•What is the Size and Cost?

Sizes and costs vary from small sculptures to life size. Small dog sculptures are modelled so the head is appoximately 5cm (2") long the rest of the dog will be proportionately sized to that measurement. An example is the sculpture of Twiggy, an English Springer Spaniel, seen to the left. The head was 5cm long and the total lenth of the body 21cm (8.5"). Small Dog sculptures start from £550 for a dog laying down.

A small horse portrait starts from £550. This is approximately 12cm long from ears to nose.

•What are the portraits sculpted in?

Small sculptures are made in a fine grade sculpting wax and larger or life size sculptures are made in a Professional modelling clay called Plastiline.

•What is the sculpture moulded and cast in?

Sculptures are moulded in a highly detailed silicone rubber backed with a rigid fibreglass case. Sculptures can then be cast in a traditional foundry bronze or cast using Cold Cast Bronze, Copper, White Bronze or Marble. These are then finished with a patina or if Marble is chosen a painted finish, which can be done to match the fur and hair patters that some breeds of dog and horses have.


Payment can be made via PayPal, Cheque or Bank transfer. A deposit of 50% of the cost is required before the commission is started. This is non-refundable if the sculpture has been started.

You can arrange a visit to view the sculpture once its finished, if this is not a option I will send photos of it for you to approve and/or ask for any changes.

After the sculpture has been approved its moulded and cast. The remaining 50% of the payment (plus any P&P) needs to be made before the sculpture is picked up or delivered.

Delivery is for smaller sculpture is typically around £20-25 but due to size and design differences delivery is costed on a indvidual basis.

Insured delivery is recommended.

You are always welcome to Contact me if you have any other question you would like ask.

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